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4601 Wels
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Installation material "just in time"

Convenient and inexpensive processing!

We supply whole packages with small parts for the installation and/or assembly of
your products on site
, in customised packages! Installation kits are frequently
used in mechanical engineering, in the furniture industry, in plant engineering and
construction, in the automotive industry and in toolbuilding.
Packaging and design - we comply with your wishes!
 - packaged in cardboard
 - blister packaging
 - packaged in poly bags
 - installation box
 - shrink-wrapped
 - label and package provided with your logo  
Your benefits:
Increase in productivity:

If the parts lists for the installation kit are already defined during product development,
then this system part saves you enormous processing efforts, thus increasing productivity
in the individual divisions such as purchasing, EPD, accounting, logistics.

Delivery "just in time":
Kellner & Kunz delivers the package "just in time" direct to where it is needed, thus
ensuring highest inventory turnover!

Reduction of administration effort:
No administration of master data for individual articles, since the whole package is
controlled by one article number.
We'll be glad to inform you about our manifold logistics services and to prepare the optimum solution for you!

That's how it works!

Thus the logistical administration of your C-parts is limited for each customer order to only one article number, that of the whole package!

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