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reca diaflex


  reca diaflex - the "mile-eaters"
 ... top quality in diamond cutting disc technology.
Cold cut, continuous laser fusion, multilayer metal disc, for wet and dry cutting.

reca diaflex - a complete range for:
ceramics, tiling, granite, marble, concrete (also reinforced), clay tubes, roof tiles, clinker, slate, asphalt, floor pavement, sand-lime brick, …
  To top it all:
reca diaflex ULTRA plus with 10 mm cutting rim
  • very long service life
  • cold cut
  • suitable for iron
  • user-friendly
  • strong segments
  • high cutting ability
  reca diaflex SPEEDI
  • very long service life due to new sintering technology
  • double cutting speed
  • reduced dust exposure
  • absolutely clean cutting edges
  • effortless cutting, is gentle on man and the machine
  • Universally applicable for various materials such as concrete (also reinforced), general construction materials, hard stone, granite, ceramics