The RECA CPS services for industrial companies optimize our customers’ storage and retrieval processes for C-parts. No matter if you are looking for a central warehouse solution or for assembly lines supply, the RECA CPS storage and retrieval system will integrate itself optimally in your company’s requirements, the individual space and working situations and adjusts to a broad product environment.  

RECA CPS Storage and Retrieval System

  • Single bin system and/or flexible number of bins
  • Periodic demand analysis per storage/retrieval point 
  • Automatic data transmission (ordering)
  • Picking sorted by storage/retrieval points at Kellner & Kunz central warehouse
  • Incoming inspection
  • Filling of bins directly at the storage/retrieval point

Reliable space planning and high availability 

Flexible and open for everything: The RECA CPS space planning and delivery concept is not tied to a certain shelf system. We are taking care of the space planning, labelling, marking of the bins and if required, we are able to integrate your existing stocks at the time of implementation of our system. Kellner & Kunz determines with you the maximum and minimum amount per item, in order to avoid any over- or under stocking of c-parts. The Kellner & Kunz system administrators and sales representatives will permanently make sure that you have the optimum stock stored in your warehouse.

The advantages at a glance

  • Saving time: no more searching of small parts.
  • Tidiness and overview: a specific place for each item, quick and precise access. 

  • Reduction of capital lock-up: no more double storage by optimization of stocks.
  • Flexibility: availability of your required items any time - entirely according to your needs.
  • Based on partnership: Terms are regulated by a written agreement.
  • Long-lasting: SECO stands for a top-image.

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