Business Units

Business Units / Location

The RECA Group is strategically organized in business units and provides customers worldwide with selected products.

This precise structure enables not only a bundling of the strategic units craft, automotive, industry and specialists, but also a clear focus on customer needs in all countries.

Further investments in classical direct sales, the further implementation of new sales areas and the participation of RECA Group in social networks are the future. Those activities lead to intensified customer services and further growth of medium- and large-sized customers.

Business Unit Automotive

  • Passenger Car
  • Utility vehicles

Business Unit Industry

  • Production
  • Maintenance

Business Unit Craft

  • Building craft
  • Metal craft
  • In-house workshops
  • Wood craft

Business Unit Specialists

  • Advertising material
  • Health and Safety (PPE)
  • Properties / Metal fittings
  • Building materials trade

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