Flexible logistics

Modular expansion of our central logistics through customised logistics concepts

Permanently  optimising  our  processes  in  intralogistics  is  a  matter  of  course  for  us,  and we also continuously integrate the ever-evolving needs of our customers and the requirements of digital procurement channels into our processes.In doing so, we combine proven elements of our modular processes and supplement them with newly developed intralogistics solution approaches.

23,000 order items are picked daily.
4,000 customer deliveries leave the logistics centre in Wels daily

Ability to supply and deliver

Without exception, lead time, throughput and same-day processing are our top prio-rities on a daily basis. This enables us to ensure a maximum level of reliability for your manufacturing process.

High service level

So that your C-parts are available to 100 per cent. The shortest possible lead times are guaranteed by order clearance based on the delivery date requested by the customer, as well as on automated, dynamic prioritising in all logistics areas.

Sophisticated technologies

Apart from the latest storage and shuttle systems and powerful materials-handling technology, a sophisticated warehouse management software analyses the material flows every 3 seconds and continuously optimises these using the data obtained.

Despite  the  latest  technology,  the  heart  of  our  entire  logistics  system  is, and always will be, the human factor, which is reflected in our highly motivated logistics team.

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