Flexible logistics

Cooperating with RECA means you don’t need to worry about many things any more. Because it works perfectly - almost on its own. Just take our logistics, for example.

Keeping moving all the time

To us, logistics is more than bringing goods from A to B. To us, it means flexible concepts tailored to your demands. This is logical, isn’t it? What’s behind it? The perfect interaction of motivated employees and state-of-the-art storage and materials-handling technology, as well as many creative brains never getting tired of modifying and improving things.

Customized logistics concepts

We don’t reinvent intralogistics week after week, but we combine proven elements of our modular processes, adding this or that if required.

Supply availability

To us, lead time, throughput, and same day processing are paramount all the time and day after day. Thus we ensure highest reliability for your manufacturing process.

High service level

So that you have 100% of your C-parts available. Shortest possible lead times, ensured by order clearance based on the delivery date requested by the customer, as well as on automated, dynamic prioritizing in all logistics areas.

Sophisticated technologies

Apart from the state-of-the-art storage systems and powerful materials-handling technology, a sophisticated warehouse management software analyses the material flows every 3 seconds to subsequently make new decisions on the basis of the established situation.

Key figures

Up to 2.800 orders with up to 16.000 order lines are shipped daily. This means that up to 2.800 parcels and up to 360 pallets are handed over to the forwarding agents. In total, 82 tons of goods are shipped daily.

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