Ensured quality

Ensured quality

  • Exactly defined quality standards
  • Cooperation with independent institutes
  • Practice-oriented suggestions from customer contacts
  • Special requirements specifications for new products
  • ISO-certified corporate processes

Ensuring product quality

Ensuring corporate processes

What do you understand by quality? To us, here at RECA, being customer focused is the foundation of quality. Questions, requirements and problems are our challenges, and they are the basis of our commitment. Cooperation with independent institutes as well as practical suggestions from face-to-face customer meetings are the starting points for active product development and quality assurance. A product will be released for sales only after the exactly defined quality standards have been met.

Products put to the test at RECA

Test laboratory in Wels and in our supplier’s countries on site

Tentile testing machine

  • Tensile/Compression test
  • Strength testing of bolts and nuts

Vickers hardness testing device

  • Hardness test acc. to ISO 6507
  • Determination of surface and core hardness
  • Hardness charts

Coating thickness measuring device

  • Coating thickness measurement performed acc. to fluorescent X-radiation according to ISO 3497

Profile projector

  • Measuring lengths, angles and inclinations

Friction value and torque tester

  • Establishment of friction value acc. to ISO 16047
  • Torque/Prestressing force test
  • Torsion test, establishment of prevailing torque and fracture torque

Ensuring corporate processes

Our quality philosophy also applies to the processes implemented in our company. This can be seen, among others, in our quality management system that has been implemented since 1997. It meets the requirements of the new process-oriented ISO 9001:2008. With customers in mind, the operational procedures at Kellner & Kunz have been designed according to the TQM system. This guarantees an excellent quality level.

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